Welshrats a ‘social care’ illuminating novel

Welshrats by Jim Bowen is thought-provoking, funny and sometimes shocking, it highlights life in the ‘social care world’, the complex challenges that face social workers in the battle to keep it real, the business jargon that mars policy making and the pre-austerity ‘jobs for life’ attitude of his colleagues.

Set in Swansea’s Catholic community in the mid-2000s, Welshrats by Jim Bowen is a highly topical, genre bending novel.

Fumbling from one challenge to the next, our protagonist goes though a dark period in his life, but with luck, hope, and a great deal of help from his friends, he survives and ultimately triumphs, proving true his dying mother’s adage: ‘God never gives us more than we can carry.’

Print ISBN: 978-0-9933567-0-4

Jim Bowen

Jim Bowen at a book signing at Bookends Bookshop in Cardigan, West Wales

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