The Vagina Wars on Steroids

The War on Women AND the 99%

The Vagina Wars on Steroids He who controls the debate, no matter how ludicrous, wins the election. It’s insane thought made mainstream that summarises the Republican/GOP’s strategy in this 2012 Presidential election campaign.

Although the Republican Party has many faults, they will do everything in their power to convince you THEIR weaknesses pale in comparison to those of the Democrats. And indeed they will spend most of their massive media effort over the next five months trying to prove that very point.

You, the voter, like Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz, need to see beyond the smoke, flashing lights and mirrors. Like her, you need to also see how you are being played by the man behind the curtain desperate to keep his tactics anonymous whilst simultaneously pushing all the buttons to win at any cost.

Whereas Dorothy had to learn the Wizard’s name, this one’s well known…  Karl Rove, former Bush family Dark Arts campaign master. He runs the nation’s largest group of SuperPACS under the American Crossroads banner.

The last thing he wants you to do is understand how his money and message system works. These are PsyOps of the highest order. Every advertising word and phrase is parsed and measured for its impact deep inside one’s cerebral cortex. It must show the ability to spawn outrage and hatred towards the nation’s first ever black president. Why? Because the GOP cartel swore a blood oath to do everything they could to take him down on his Inauguration night and moved beyond opposition to hostile, obstructionist confrontation.

The last thing Rove ever wants Democrats to figure out is that he doesn’t need to win the media debate, he just needs to be in it. And once in it, he’s able to paint the Democrats with their own strength is a ‘weakness’ brush.

And as bizarre as that sounds, just watch Republicans debate on television. There is no need for doing what Democrats do, try to win the debate moment by painting a stark picture using facts. The Republicans instead nips around the edges with snarky, smirking one-liners. Why? Because they understand this simple truth: they only have to do one simple thing, show the viewer that “both sides are bad.”

Do that, they neutralise the debate, even by losing it…

Karl Rove knows networks fear being labelled ‘biased.’ So under the guise of equal time they allow anyone to spew rubbish as long as the other side did not get more time. This leaves no time or ability to challenge them on their rubbish.

How many times have you heard an interview end with the words, “well… we’ll have to leave it there, we’re out of time”?

How many times have you heard conservative talking heads repeat the same point loudly over and over again and run right over the host with a non-stop barrage that gets them safely to the end the segment… without saying anything?

Why do they do it? Because it works!

When they do this, the voter assumes both sides are behaving badly and then discounts Democratic talking points. In their mind, “both sides are equally to blame and do the exact same thing.”

Except they don’t.

Fact-based human beings look at records and point out inconsistencies. The rest merely change the channel and they may not register the whole debate. But because GOP talking points are always simple and repeatable, the one key phrase they were supposed to remember is burned and stored into the limited space inside their consciousness.

And this is how Rove, Preibus, Steele and all the surrogates from Castellanos to O’Reilly and Coulter to Malkin neutralise potentially damaging news.

They snarkily mock all comers.

Whatever the Democrats charge, they throw it back at them with overwhelming force. It seems ludicrous to the Democrat during the debate that a Republican would dare accuse them of doing what the GOP does. So the Dems call them out, roll their eyes and often repeat the talking point in the form of a question back… “we are at war with women? Pshaw!” without recognising the other-than-conscious mind registers and reinforces that point as being valid for both sides.

Suddenly Democrats are place on the back foot regarding the GOPs War on Women.

That is the moment the Republicans know they’ve won, even if they lost the debate. They know they only need to convince voters that both sides are to blame. Do just that and they weaken any Democrat’s perceived strength.

That is the brilliant application of a conscious-less, blatant lie strategy.

It is the cornerstone of this cash-insane election cycle.

If the Democrats take an initial tactical advantage by claiming you have launched a War on Women? Then you accuse them of doing the exact same thing. Make sure you react with such massive force across all channels, that their argument is knocked off the page. Why? Because voters see both sides talking and assume they are being mendacious and/or opportunistic around the issue of women’s rights.

The last thing the Republicans want is for this election to focus on economic or social fairness for women or, for that matter, the rest of us. The War on Women is real. And it’s not just limited to women.

The War is on the 99%.

If the GOP can convince you that Mitt Romney is good for ‘Joe the Plumber’ and the Democrats are trying to take away your money, your business and your freedoms… they have orchestrated a propaganda/mind control programme worthy of George Orwell’s 1984 praise.

Republicans need everyone on both sides to demonise President Obama for everything that has gone wrong to this moment. It would be disastrous if voters examined George W. Bush and Mitt Romney’s woeful records.

Nowhere is the effect of the last two GOP decades made more evident than in watching my aunt and uncle, to whom this book is dedicated. They silently struggle to maintain a middle class lifestyle during their retirement. They are both in their mid-80s. Cy and Karlene played by the rules and were lower level white collar workers. My aunt was a bank cashier (teller) and my uncle worked as a customer service representative in that same bank for 40-years.

They paid into their 401(k) for retirement and contributed fully into the social security system. They now spend their golden years worrying about money.

They watched the bank ruin their pension and 401(k) with risky bets. They barely own their condo and wait each month for their Social Security check.

Their big mistake?

They outlived their savings.

And because they have Social Security, a 401(k) and a meagre pension, the GOP Ryan budget plan wants to ‘means test’ them, take away even more of what they don’t have and reduce their healthcare to a coupon voucher system.

At 84 and 86 years of age, they don’t need this shit and should not have to face it.

But they are ‘triple dippers’ under this current Republican assault. Understand their situation and the Ryan plan and you begin to see how the GOP message system thinks and operates.

Their world view is narrow and tactical.

My aunt and uncle? They’re just collateral damage in this GOP War on Benefits desperately needed by the 99%. Understanding Republicans tactically is how you fight fire with fire in this election.

Whinge, complain, wish President Obama took care of your issue first (in a job none of us would last 10-minutes in) and/or choose to stay home on election day? You do exactly what the GOP wants you to do. And you can also get ready to watch Mitt Romney and a GOP Senate appoint the next 3 Conservative Supreme Court Justices.

In this election cycle the Republicans know if they say something enough times, with enough energy (and millions of dollars of adverts and corporate propaganda news network) behind it, no matter how ludicrous it is… it becomes mainstream ‘truth’ in their fact-free universe.

Democrats tell the truth.

Republicans tell whatever they need to win.

And this is why in these pages you will see, how the War on Women has extended to all of us. Armed with unlimited billionaire cash, it will infect every aspect of messaging and, fundamentally change the debate.

And in politics, he who controls the debate wins the election.