Mightily impressed!

Many thanks to Cambria Books for publishing me; they were one of eleven publishers/literary agents I sent my manuscript to.  This was early October; I waited and, as the weeks rolled by, I often wondered, was someone out there reading my book?  Then, just over two weeks later, I receive an email with the good news that Cambria have accepted Preternatural Sagacity; I was won over by the compliment that there was emotional intelligence (EI) in the work.  That was a great day!

Cambria claim to take out the complicated and boring stuff and they kept their word.  They also boasted efficiency and I was encouraged.  I wondered if I would see my book published by Christmas; it will be tight, but if there aren’t too many corrections, maybe, came the reply.  On 23rd December, I received a box of books and soon I was parceling up a few new-year presents for family members in need of a dose of EI.

I am mightily impressed by Chris and his team.  They do provide an excellent service and quality of production.

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