Entirely positive!

My experiences of publishing with Cambria have been entirely positive. Communication, which is the key, has always been good. I found them very easy to work with, for they were helpful, prompt and properly informed. The cost of publication was clearly indicated and there were no nasty surprises. The contract I signed was, in my view, both fair and reasonable. The quality of the printed book when I received it was excellent and completely professional. Readers have in fact commented positively upon the high production values displayed.
I found Cambria patient and calm, especially in the face of an oh-so precious author having an unnecessary hissy fit. I might have had my ups and downs, but they worked smoothly and promptly to the schedule we agreed.
So, I have no regrets about using them to bring my second novel to life.
This is the second occasion I have published in this way. For my first novel I used those who believe they are the market leaders and, quite frankly, they were awful. It became clear to me that their business model prioritises recruiting new writers rather than supporting the ones they have. That does not apply to Cambria. I will without doubt use Cambria again – and indeed the plan is already in place for me to do so.

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