Dr.Paul Thomas’ long awaited business book.

In the battle against management, Dr Paul Thomas is a man on a mission!

Paul ThomasA mission to support forward-thinking, progressive and ‘human’ business organisations by helping them to get rid of the plague of unnecessary middle management that he believes is stifling our working lives and our economy. But he doesn’t just see this as a local issue, but a global pandemic that is holding back the true potential of both individuals and businesses worldwide.

Champion of “the art of creating a leadership environment in which elite performance reveals itself” – Dr Paul Thomas believes true democracy, freedom, creativity and trust need to be at the heart of every organisation for it to flourish, maximise efficiency and profits, and continue to exist in the 21st century and beyond. Only in this sort of environment will people excel and great leaders truly exist.

ISBN: 978-0-9576791-4-6
224 pages with colour pictures and original graphic illustrations by Romano Marenghi

ISBN: 978-0-9932299-4-7

Available in Print and eBook

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What People Say:

 “Paul’s ideas on management are inspirational and thought-provoking. They may appear radical and revolutionary but they’re not, simply because they are actually so intuitive and common-sensical. Paul is also quite possibly the most engaging speaker I’ve heard in a long time.
Any manager – or leader – who wants to get the most out of their organisation really should consider talking to Paul.”
Gemma Collins, Producer, BBC News.

“Since the 1990’s, I’ve worked with some of the best people and organizations — Santa Fe Institute, MIT, National Defense University, Alidade Institute — on translating the sciences of complexity into practical leadership for military and civilian organizations. Paul’s deep insights, boundless energy, warm sense of humor make him among the top 3 breakthrough leaders I have met and worked with throughout my military and civilian career.”
Dan Moore Director, International Air Defense, Raytheon Missile Systems.

“Paul’s depth understanding of traditional management practices is more than matched by his desire to do something about them and create a more human centred and effective approach to running our businesses.
Paul brings expertise in the application of Complexity sciences to understanding how our organisations (don’t) work and the often surprisingly simple solutions to our everyday problems that plague organisational life.
I have engaged Paul to work with me on several occasions either consulting on specific issues or to give talks to members of the management population on a Complex Adaptive Systems outlook on life in organisations. He has never failed to deliver real world solutions that actually work and I look forward to working with him again.”
Mick Rogers Operations Director, Airbus UK.

“I made an hour long BBC documentary following Paul’s work in the Environmental Services Department of Blaenau Gwent Council. This gave me a unique insight into his working methods and the results achieved.
He led an impressive project over four months creating a framework in which front-line staff took on management responsibilities, with great success. It was extremely labour-intensive and Paul never failed to put in the gruelling hours required.
The results were outstanding – increased efficiency, savings, streamlined management, and a genuinely more empowered workforce. Impressive stuff.”
Deborah Perkin Senior Producer, BBC.

“Dr Paul Thomas is a force of nature! Some time ago, I ran a seminar on leadership and management for the incubating businesses, and invited them to bring their clients along. Paul’s ideas are, to put it mildly, revolutionary in a world that looks for certain well-recognised pathways to success, and is constantly ‘tweaking’ them. This session was the liveliest we have ever run; interactive just about describes it!
If you want to provoke thought, debate, action and reaction, Paul Thomas will lead you into new territory. Enjoy!”
Pam Voisey Business Incubation Manager, University of Glamorgan.