Joy Ogeh-Hutfield, Motivating your Team

AJoy Ogeh-Hutfield must read for businesses and organisations of all types, ‘The Secrets to Motivating Your Team’ is a practical, empowering, no-nonsense guide that explores exactly why teams are often demotivated. The book delves deeper into the subsequent cost of demotivation and delivers a host of practical and easy to implement tools and techniques to get (and keep) your team highly motivated.

About Joy Ogeh-Hutfield

Trained by renowned international coach Anthony Robbins, it’s safe to say that Joy Ogeh-Hutfield, founder of Joy Transformation, has learned from the very best. But it is Joy’s own unique, positive and powerfully impactive coaching style that has seen her influence the scores of individuals and businesses that have called on her over the years, and produce outstanding results in the process.


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