Stormteller by David Thorpe

Published by Cambria Books is David Thorpe’s new novel ‘Stormteller’. Already generating great interest and reviews.

This bewitching drama set in the very near future entwines Celtic myth and climate-changed destinies to answer the fundamental question: can we escape our apparent fate?

A fabulous piece of story telling” – Richard Collins, author of The Land As Viewed From The Sea (shortlisted for the Whitbread First Novel Award) and three other novels.

David Thorpe has written a compelling story in which elements of ancient Welsh legends of drowned lands and villages combine with a prescient account of a near future in which global warming is causing catastrophic flooding. Set against this background three teenagers are caught up both in the throes of ancient magic and a modern tragedy.” – Frances Thomas, author of many children’s and adults novels.

“David Thorpe’s Stormteller is an intriguing and enthralling novel about the relationship between two teenage boys, leading totally different lives yet strangely alike. The novel is set in a coastal Wales ravaged by climate change and rising sea levels. Underpinned by fascinating parallels with local folk tale, the story of two boys who both love the same girl at a time when fear stalks the land is sure to appeal to a wide audience.” – multi-prize-winning author Malachy Doyle.

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