Surfing through Minefields

Latest novel from Bel Roberts

This is a novel about teenagers facing serious life challenges and the eventual triumph of justice and good sense.
Lauren, a 15 year-old  English schoolgirl, is forced to stay with her grandmother in Wales when there is trouble at home. With her pet dog, called Flea Bag, Lauren is plunged into a strange environment, where she soon makes as many enemies as friends.
For her GCSE History project, Lauren chooses to research the Senghenydd Colliery disaster of 1913, in which over four hundred men and teenaged boys died.  Besides reading the recorded views of historians, she enlists the help of locals, who have photographs and news cuttings relating to the tragic event. Lauren becomes so emotionally involved with the topic that it changes her attitude to life and makes her question her own family’s social position.
Lauren’s hectic half term at her new school involves her in lots of problems and laughter, and even sees her falling hopelessly in love with Justin, a brilliant but disturbed sixth form pupil.
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