Stories of George

Ron CraddockA fictional family history

The tale of George Gunner and others, in hope, in anguish … and wallowing in bed.   Told in two story strands, a continuing unfolding present day, and a counter-pointing, episodic past in a remote N.E. Hampshire village on the Surrey border, with a chronology that moves back in time.

What does one know of forbears, say a couple of hundred years ago, eight generations or so, and over two hundred connections?   Sad, happy … and maybe doubtful connections.

About Ron Craddock

b. Walworth, London.   Left school at 14.   National Service in RAF, in Suez.   Following theatre work, BBC for thirty years.  TV Drama producer/Director.   OU degree.   London marathon.   Married, two children, three grandchildren.  Lives in Devon.

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