Waiting for a Hunter’s Moon


An anglers journey through the seasons.

Paperback ISBN: 978-1-8382805-9-8

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From the privations of deepest midwinter, through the new life of spring and on to the rounded fullness of summer, the passage of the seasons has ever played an intrinsic part in our lives. Even in a modern society that no longer lives by the boom and bust turn of the calendar, there are those who still observe the old cycles, allow time to unfurl and keep a weather-eye for whatever comes next.

This book traces one such journey, charting the exploits of an angler as he follows the “senescent” slide of the months that bloom, wither and die, chronicling the sights and sounds of the rolling year whilst waiting patiently for the emergence, once more, of a bright hunter’s moon.

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2 reviews for Waiting for a Hunter’s Moon

  1. Bill Brazier. Off the Scale Fishing Magazine

    An eloquent, ornate, poetic and, at times, philosophical meander through the angler’s year – a unique, candid writing style which will resonate and enthrall

  2. Welsh Country Magazine

    Simon has the most wonderful writing style reflecting his thoughts, about so many aspects of life. Whether you enjoy fishing or not these reflective thoughts which aren’t all directly fish related can so easily apply to all of us. Simons observations of the world around him are beautifully put into words.

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