Unnecessary Reactions

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GETTING ‘UNNECESSARY’! When high school teacher Mykee Kane learns of the suicide of a close friend, his curiosity will uncover the sordid underbelly of life and crime in a small Welsh town, provoking emotional and violent reactions. He gets … all ‘unnecessary’!

Paperback 514 Pages

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Greedy property developers, international drug dealers, online pornographers, corrupt policemen and vicious protection racketeers, exploit their struggling community with impunity, until Mr. Kane gets … all ‘unnecessary’!

Where do YOU draw the line? Read and find out how MyKee Kane reacts!

This is the first book in the ‘REACTIONS’ series by Wayne Edwards

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3 reviews for Unnecessary Reactions

  1. Pete P8 (verified owner)

    Thoroughly enjoyed this book and can’t wait until the follow up of Mykee Kane escapades. Would definitely recommend it from a new author

  2. Hayley A Badham

    5.0 out of 5 stars Brilliant
    A most enjoyable read. Stayed up most of the night reading it. It was both funny and intense. Can’t wait for the next book.

  3. Carmel O’Grady

    5 Stars. Riveting read.
    Excellent read, the author’s descriptive writing really helps to visualise the scene. The unusual change of career for a portly middle aged school teacher, who gets involved in very strange activities keeps your attention. Recommended reading.

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