The Vengeful Queen by Deryk Cundy


The Vengeful Queen by Deryk Cundy. History of Boudica and the Brythons.

ISBN Print book 978-0-9930862-7-4 

410 pages with colour maps, photos and illustrations.

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The origins of this book are based on the many attempts to determine the location of the last battle fought by Boudica Queen of the Brythons against the Romans – a mystery that has fascinated historians over the centuries. As a result of recent archaeological discoveries, the application of new sciences, mapping techniques and the access to information afforded by the Internet, new ideas have surfaced.

Through the author’s research it has become obvious that the history of the Britain of 2,000 years ago directly reflects ongoing conflicts, and that the events leading to the battle are as relevant today as they were then.

Imperialism, tribalism, gaps in technology, clashing cultures, trade, greed, globalisation, politics, religion, broken promises, rebellion, battles, treason, slavery – here is life and death on a grand scale.