The Vandervelde Documents


The exciting #dystopian trilogy by Richard Turner

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The exciting #dystopian trilogy by Richard Turner is available in print direct from us.

What sort of world are we leaving them?
IN A SERIES OF INTERLOCKING STORIES and documents covering 100 years and three generations, these books attempt to answer the question “What sort of world are we leaving to our descendants?”
VANDERVELDE HIMSELF IS AGELESS, a charismatic ‘Sapient’ who can cut through political hypocrisy but finds love difficult.
Mollie, academic high flyer and a true polymath, is his right hand woman. Amy, an aviation entrepreneur falls for Van, but will she “begin with an older man and end up with a toyboy”?
Twm, a self-taught engineer invents a new transport system. Together they change the world, but ‘The Warden’ is watching, and other Sapients have different ideas. The series begins with an end – a world in 2120 of around 1.5 billion people who know that they must live, “as all life on earth must live, only on what the earth can provide”.
It is a world in which Homo Sapiens has at last learned some sapience.

Print ISBN: 978-0-9930862-0-5


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