The Mondegreen Affair

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The new novel by Lloyd Rees.

ISBN: 978-1-8384289-9-0

Pages 246

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Luke Mondegreen wants to be a writer. He also wants to go on an exciting journey. He wants to avoid the cliches of thriller novels in his writing but he wants to experience those cliches in real life.

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‘Bizarre and brilliant’


‘Immensely enjoyable’

‘A real insight into a writer’s mind’

“Fast paced, blessed with wonderful characters and bubbling with wit and superb humour.”

3 reviews for The Mondegreen Affair

  1. Welsh Stone

    5.0 out of 5 stars Witty and engaging
    This is a thoroughly enjoyable read. It is witty and intelligent and elegantly written. It is a story that opens up rather like Russian dolls – or at least Belarusian dolls – with stories within stories. It is very accomplished and a highly skilled piece of work, with impressive narrative shifts and convincing voices.

  2. Rhian Ellis

    The problem with ‘The Mondegreen Affair’ by Lloyd Rees was it spoiled the next two books I attempted to read – far too bland and conventional by comparison! I loved how this was a different kind of read, keeping me thinking, feeling rather smug when I had worked out the layered plot, or when I got the joke. Clever. Educational even, but funny and entertaining throughout. I also loved the insight into the mind of a writer, albeit one as ‘off the wall’ as Luke Mondegreen. I finished the book already looking forward to the next installment!

  3. Jarrad Young

    I like this slightly surreal, trippy journey, with Luke Mondegreen. He’s eccentric and weird and finds himself hilarious. Alive with comedic voices and hand-led by a wink and cheeky quip, The Mondegreen Affair is a yarn well spun; I think I shared the smirks the spinner grinned, whilst spinning it. Interestingly, the depths of thought continued in me, long after the smiles had faded, and I found myself going back to find certain things to go over a second or third time.

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