The Land, The Land


A family drama, psychological thriller, and political novel from playwright/novelist/actor Robin Hawdon.

Print ISBN: 9780993356742

206 pages



Roger Oldfield farms sheep in one of the most beautiful valleys in the Yorkshire Dales.  Roger and his family – Annie his wife, daughter Lily, and autistic son, Danny – battle against the billionaire’s company, the greedy neighbouring farmer, the local council, and powerful forces within London’s political circles.  Civil war looms.

Set between some of the wildest and most stunning scenery in Britain, and the heaving London metropolis, this epic story traces the clash of personalities, environmental interests, and ultimately the philosophies of twenty first century society.

” I know why people die for their land. I don’t mean die for their country. I mean die for their LAND.  I’d die for my land.  I’d die for a single acre of my land.”

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