Reflections of the Soul


Joy expresses her inner battles and frustrations with the world, its systems and its people – dark, challenging and exciting times that give a voice to the poetry in her soul.

Hardback version. 48 pages.

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Joy Ogeh Hutfield writes:

At 16, I arrived in the United Kingdom with a combination of excitement, fears and aspiration for a better future.

Poetry came to me during the dark, challenging and exciting times of discovering who I was. An expression of my inner battles and frustrations with the world – deep thoughts I couldn’t share or articulate with anyone.

Some of these poems came to me by divine spiritual inspiration and found their way to my soul, challenging me to give them a voice. For years, these poems were my secret therapy, my ‘me’ time, my friends that only came out to play when no one was watching. They have since journeyed with me these 49 years, giving me hope, joy, purpose and strengthened my faith when times were hard and I felt like giving up.

My fear of judgement kept the poems locked away for so long. Now I am ready to share them with you. As you meditate, ponder and immerse yourself in these poems, may you find INSPIRATION, EMPOWERMENT, SPIRITUALITY and a MINDSET of positive energy as you make of them what you must.

These poems are the ‘Reflections of my Soul’.

Hardback 48 pages,

ISBN: 978-1-9996129-4-8


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