Quantum Exile

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A Science Fiction fantasy novel by Martyn Vaughan illustrating the concept in physics of the “Many Worlds” interpretation of quantum mechanics through the experiences of an unusual man who is able to be consciously aware of the existence of other realities in the quantum realm.

144 Pages. Paperback. Print ISBN 978-1-9161619-6-2

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A jobless man thinks things can’t get any worse. He discovers how wrong he is when he is flung into a series of alternate realities in which he experiences perils beyond his understanding. Finally he comes face to face with a menace that threatens to face with a menace that threatens all that he has ever known and loved.

He discovers that he has unusual abilities which of a great importance to a sinister race of beings who wish to use them to further their aim of escaping a cataclysm in their own realm and then spread to other realities. But he also encounters others who wish to help and protect him.

144 Pages. Paperback. Print ISBN 978-1-9161619-6-2

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