Preternatural Sagacity


A complex saga that follows the story of two families separated in time by more than a century, vastly different social conditions and the occupational hazards of coal mining and aviation.

Print ISBN: 978-1-8382805-1-2

Paperback 404 pages with illustrations.

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A series of disturbing dreams make Bran Sage, a modern-day aeronautical engineer, increasingly aware of the story of his great-grandparents, Henry, a coalminer, and Sarah the love of Henry’s life.  Are the dreams childhood memories, or something else?

Bran is determined to find out.

Henry Sage is committed to making dangerous pits safer for the coalminers, while Bran is driven to improve aviation safety.  Although separated in time by more than a century and vastly different social conditions, hazardous work and complex problem solving provide the common ground that forge the ethics and noble character of the two men.
Ravens appear in the story as a mystical thread guiding both generations to trust their instinct and carve out a path to increased self-awareness.  The ravens are a visual symbol and the singer-songwriter Bob Dylan’s lyrics provide the metaphors that encourage Bran in his search for life’s deeper meaning.

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