Our Lady of Mumbles


The second crime novel in the Inspector Rumsey Bucke series finds him investigating a dangerous and murderous apocalyptic religious cult, ‘Our Lady of Mumbles’, in dissolute and riotous nineteenth century Swansea.

ISBN: 978-1-8380752-9-3

Pages 356 .

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A religious cult grips Swansea, its followers believing they alone will be saved in the Apocalypse, once they surrender all they have to Our Lady of Mumbles. Soon events in the town are running out of control. In a world where happiness is denied and love is punished, Inspector Rumsey Bucke uncovers murder, suicide and dark family secrets. No one is safe. Now that evil flourishes, the rats abound, swarming through the graveyard. Are these really the Last Days?

Two brave and resourceful women give Bucke strength and the support that he needs. But this is a dangerous time to be a woman and, as time runs out, those he cares for most are in mortal danger. Can Bucke save them?

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2 reviews for Our Lady of Mumbles

  1. Welsh Country magazine

    Authentic and compelling!

  2. Gareth Pugh

    Very enjoyable read, the characters were believable and the story took me back in time.

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