On the Border


A coming of age, family saga set between two opposing worlds, rural Wales and London in the swinging Sixties.

ISBN: 978-1-8384289-4-5

362 pages

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Megan Owen, a teenager, is torn between two opposing worlds. One in Wales, one in England. And between two diverse lads – Welsh wild boy Iolo, and the cultured English Hugo. As she moves through adolescence to adulthood, experiencing both the rollercoaster of farming life in Wales in the late 1950’s, and the turbulence of the post-war cultural revolution of London, England, we see her battle to decide where she truly belongs, and with whom. Will it be the world of nature, farming and tradition in Wales? Or, the brave new sophisticated world flowering in London as it heads into the hippy sixties? Is it possible for love and personal empowerment to co-exist in these times?

Through heartache and drama, Megan discovers there’s no easy answer. No easy way to make choices, either. Particularly when fate will keep interfering…

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Some Reviews of ‘On the Border’.

On the border’, is a love letter to the landscape of the Welsh heart. Written with grounded texture, it is a tale which recalls the rain and grit of ordinary life whilst capturing the inspired places we long for in the promise of beyond.

Peter Nathaniel Lee

Cari Davies is a gifted writer telling Megan’s story with a deft descriptive touch in the context of the hard life of a Welsh border farming family. I found the story fascinating and compelling. I loved it and couldn’t put it down.

David Tory

Cari Davies writes intelligently from her heart with all the light and darkness that growing up involves. She brings vividly to life her treasured memories and takes us back to a simpler world where love and loss, fate and faith rule our very souls.

Valerie Aldred

Written from the heart, this evocative story of one young woman’s transition from headstrong young tomboy living on the Welsh border to feisty student discovering swinging sixties London, this is a wonderfully honest tale of fledgeling emotions and family dilemmas. A total page-turner. I loved it!

Jilly Burnford

An intriguing love story of torn emotions between the beautiful Welsh countryside and natural way of life, and the excitement and challenges of London, very involving and descriptive and keeps one wondering until the end.

Mim Kay

With eloquent prose and insightful observations, Cari Davies paints an intimate and compelling portrait of a young woman coming of age in the late 1950s.

David Erskine

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6 reviews for On the Border

  1. Peter Nathaniel Lee

    ‘On the border’, is a love letter to the landscape of the Welsh heart. Written with grounded texture, it is a tale which recalls the rain and grit of ordinary life whilst capturing the inspired places we long for in the promise of beyond.

  2. L.Sivell

    This is a beautiful book. A balm to the current climate we now find ourselves living in. It is a story full of charm and warmth, a love letter of sorts, that really brought to life the beauty of Wales. If you need somewhere to escape, can’t recommend it more. It takes you right into the heat of Welsh farming life and roaring 1950’s London and I thought it’s cast of characters were delightful and eccentric. It’s a true coming of age story about love and loss, that asks important questions about our roots and the places we call home. It made me both laugh and cry.
    Highly recommended.

  3. Rosalin

    Nostalgic, delightful characters
    ‘On the Border’ is a coming-of-age story about Megan, a teenage girl growing up on a farm in Wales in the 1950’s. It is a bitter sweet portrayal about finding love, self-discovery and dealing with loss and grief. Cari Davies paints life on a Welsh farm with muddy, smelly reality and has a knack for creating unforgettable characters.
    Megan is a gutsy heroine growing up in an era where women’s roles are changing. Iolo is a James Dean like character, wild and attractive. Their love is inevitable but star crossed.
    The book is peopled with interesting characters – Ivy and Mabel, the helpers rescued from the asylum by Megan’s great aunt; Edward, Megan’s mysterious uncle from Africa and Roberta, an apartheid refugee.
    The book will appeal to young adults with its themes of first love and the challenges of growing up. It will also appeal to adult readers, nostalgic for the dramatic scenery of Wales and a simpler way of life.

  4. Ernie Wreghitt

    A wonderful story of a rebellious farmer’s daughter in Wales.
    Megan, at the start of this absorbing account of her rite of passage through her early teens, lives in a male dominated family that is determined to keep her tied to the hearth. Fiercely independent, she works to find her freedom through quiet but determined rebellion, initiative and bravery.
    Both aided and thwarted by her family and friends, she matures through adventure, heartache and joy.

    Cari Davies writes with the sure touch of an accomplished story-teller, who has surely experienced the same Welsh background as her heroine. I found the book difficult to put down and thoroughly recommend it as a most satisfying read.

  5. Sarah Truckell

    Thank you to the Pigeonhole for the opportunity to read this book. The story of Megan Owen and her family on the farm in Wales. Megan grows from a young girl to 17 by the end. Great descriptions of Wales and life on the farm, Megan’s love for gypsy Iolo, a visit to London where life becomes bigger. A great coming of age story

  6. Judith Srivalsan

    I loved reading about Megan, a young Welsh girl growing up on the border with England in a farming community. Set in the 50s and 60s it showed the prejudices of the time – women couldn’t be farmers, they had to be wives and mothers. Megan does her best to buck this trend and even manages to go to London for a time, where she learns more about equality, fairness and marching for what you believe in.
    Lots of good characters and a story where you are really rooting for Megan and what she wants and believes in.

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