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Marcism Today brings together some old favourites and some previously unpublished poems.

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Sometimes quirky, sometimes poignant, always accessible, this collection, written in his own unique style, celebrates Marc Mordey’s honest, moving (and occasionally irreverent) take on living, loving and losing.

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  1. Cathie L. on Amazon

    I love Marc’s heartfelt poetry which sensitively captures the meaningful events in life such as love and death and the beauty around us. This book I holds treasures to cherish. Cathie L. Amazon

  2. The Gentle Man

    These poems are (I feel) the soul of this man. He writes with extraordinary insight into how we human beings think,
    feel,and hope. How we long for life to be gentle to us. He has such powers of observation, and a way of using words that I want to meet him and share my life story so that he can put it into words that mirror my thoughts.
    His poems reach deep into my heart. They have a beauty and honesty that cause me to laugh on occasion, cry on others,and now and then to feel transported to another place.
    Why haven’t we heard of him before, no matter I hope this is just the beginning,and there are lots more to come. I hope all who read the poems will do more than just read the words, but dig deep into their mind for indeed there are lessons for everyone of us in this fine little book. The Gentle Man

  3. Helen Carey Books

    This collection brings together a selection of Marc Mordey’s excellent poems. Marc Mordey has a unique voice that make his poetry both accessible and enjoyable. Beautiful, personal, insightful, clever, poignant and often funny, each of these poems touches lightly on some aspect of human emotion. They made me laugh and cry. What more could you want from a collection of poetry?

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