Making Wales Great Again


Humour and Satire from NotSoGreatDictator. A collection of articles written for the EYE eMagazine.


Colour images. 148 pages.

ISBN: 978-1-9164532-8-9

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Welcome to a world where:

•Nigel Farage is sharing a static caravan with Liberace in Fishguard.
•Swansea roadwork has been granted UNESCO World Heritage Status.
•Donald Trump was radicalised at a holistic therapy centre in Llanpumsaint.
•Kim Jong-un is funding a Godzilla nursery in Swansea Bay.
•Swansea council are developing a marauding Orc army to combat the
threat from Taekwondo Godzillas.
•Banksy has been harpooned out of his car by Subway staff.
•The Welsh space program is being run by Vampire Elvis.

Phil Parry, Editor of the Eye eMagazine says:

Not So Great Dictator has delighted readers of The Eye with his surreal
sense of humour. He has poked fun at topical events as only he can.

“His collected works to date have now been pulled together in this new

Available in paperback and eBook versions. Full colour. 148 pages.


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