Magic Islands by Irene Edwards

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A ‘magical’ illustrated adventure fantasy tale for children by Irene Edwards telling of dragons, wizards and witches. Imagine yourself making a wish…and it suddenly becoming granted.

For children aged 8-12.

ISBN: 978-1-9161619-4-8

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When a magical wish on a Conch shell whisks Stefan and Megan away from their Welsh coastline beach to the Magic Islands, the children feel lost and are quite unsure of their new environment. They have become marooned. Stefan and Megan follow two witches, Mogul and Drot to Wish-What Castle. They meet Nester the Jester, his strange pet – a dragon named Vanhalen, Ambrosious, the Wizard of the magical Enchanted Forest, Eglador, their guide, the Aliens of the Heavens known as the Purple Wizards, Gorad the teacher, and the Valendor Elves.

Trouble strikes the island when the witches arrive and when the Purple Wizards become shipwrecked on the islands’ coastal beach. The Magic Islands become overpowered by wicked magical powers and mischief which the children witness and they are asked to solve the islands problems, capture the wizards and return the islands to peace.

Illustrators: Robert Brown, Tony Paultyn and Gareth Edwards.

Irene Edwards’ website is HERE


‘Truly magical.’ Jake Arnott (Acclaimed Novelist/ Dramatist)

‘A delightful adventure.’   ‘… ignites the imagination.’ Cheryl Rees-Price (Author of DI Winter series.)

‘…this adventure… wove a magical spell on sceptical me! I found myself-yes- ON a ‘magical’ island following assorted ‘eccentrics.’ I expect to see it in action or in animated form in due course.’ Nigel Hanson (Writer/Songwriter. Brit-Writers’ Award Winner).

‘… readers will enjoy visiting these Magic Islands full of pirate-wizards, witches, castles, elves and two headed dragons!…the story also raises awareness of the modern problem of plastic pollution of our seas.   William Vaughan (Writer/author of Fantasy Novella).


  1. Karen Crutchlow

    5.0 out of 5 stars A beautiful book.
    This book arrived promptly in a neatly sealed package. I bought the book as a birthday present but couldn’t resist breaking the seal to have a peek. What a beautiful book! The text is very readable with great illustrations. What a great book for that precious time of shared bedtime reading.

  2. Amazon Customer

    5.0 out of 5 stars Fantastic!
    Have just finished reading ‘Magic Islands’ with my 8 year old who absolutely loved it. Full of magic and adventure, keeping us both enthralled.

  3. Bella1

    5.0 out of 5 stars Magical Adventure for any child!
    Great read for all the family, filled with intrigue and magic! Great twists and turns which will leave you wanting more!

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