Live your Life


A Guide to Personal and Business Success by Laurence Winmill.

This book is an education manual, a collection of stories and references. It quotes the works of others who have inspired the author; it features the opportunities and challenges of life and it encapsulates Laurence’s views and anecdotes which have inspired him personally over the years.

It is packed full of recommendations and action points to get you moving, enjoy the moment and live your life to its full potential!

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Be happy, be true to yourself and do your very best in all that you do at work, home, leisure and even in your personal life:

Have a great attitude and use this self help development guide to inspire you to achieve whatever it is you want from your life. Set new goals and fulfil your ambitions; travel abroad and experience new cultures. Find new ways of doing things better and get used to achieving.

Use this book to become better at your job, more competitive in your chosen sport, smarter in the way you operate and at ease with who you are. Use it to inspire yourself and motivate others. Everything written has a meaning and a real message to change the way you are to improve your overall success.



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