Iant Evans was born to live a quiet life…but history dictated otherwise. Blinded by gas whilst fighting in Salonika in Greece during WW1, Welshman Iant Evans falls in love with a Greek nurse whom he promises to marry after the war.

ISBN: 978-1-8384289-7-6

286 Pages

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A novel about a man propelled into a violent and unstable world and then abandoned back to the peaceful landscapes of his childhood.
Moving between the battlefields north of Salonika and a quiet corner of the Dee Valley; Iant is written against the backdrop of the mass slaughter of the Great War.
A tale of the powerful emotional awakening of a young man and ultimately a person who must struggle to find a life worth living back home.
Iant is a story set amongst one of the most unfortunate generations in history; one that saw two world wars. It speaks to people of all generations whose lives are profoundly changed by the powerful forces of war and who must try and make peace with the aftermath.

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