I of Modern Nature


A much admired poetry collection by Richard Wheeler

ISBN: 978-1-8384289-8-3

Pages 76

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These poems cover a huge span of subjects including, though not limited to, our evolving and complex relationship with nature, and our place in the world. They are by turns thought provoking, uplifting, lyrical, sound-rich, memorable and challenging – yet always deeply accessible, and with a crystal clear poetic voice running throughout.

A stunning debut collection, and certainly one to treasure.

Kathy Miles, poet from West Wales, winner of the 2015 Bridport Prize. Her fourth full collection is Bone House.

One of Wales’ finest bards of the moment.

Paul Steffan Jones, author of Lull of the Bull, The Trigger-Happiness and Otherlander.

You have become a master painter.

 Jo Davies, author of To Forget With Grace.

“Richard’s poetry simply hums with the appreciation of place, of nature, wildlife and the ways in which we humans slip into the landscape.

The poems are beautiful. Elegiac, sometimes sparsely constructed, evocative and thoughtful, these are poems that have the capacity to take you out of your world and into that of the poet.”

Marc Mordey, author of Marcism Today

Exquisite work.

Anne Marie Butler, working poet and landscape artist, winner of the 2017 R.S.Thomas Poetry Prize.


1 review for I of Modern Nature

  1. Chris Norris. Emeritus Professor of Philosophy, Cardiff University.

    Richard Wheeler’s poems are keen-eyed, arresting, linguistically adroit, and utterly distinctive in their way of juxtaposing image and idea. They explore themes of place, time, memory, desire, and – in many cases – the role of poetry and visual art in creating a jump-cut mental scenography where these are strangely intermixed. An impressive collection and one that offers striking thoughts and perceptions on every page.

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