Hymns and Barriers


A saga of Welsh family tragic complications following a post war romance with a Burmese girl.
By Phil Morgans.

Print ISBN 978-1-8382805-5-0

262 pages paperback.


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The story of John, an eighteen year old from a traditional chapel-going background in a South Wales mining community is posted to Burma to complete his 3 year post war National Service. Here, he finds love with a beautiful Burmese girl and he is thrust into a difficult political situation, which affects his relationship with this girl.

Thirty years later he is confronted by a young Asian doctor. This meeting results in destroying his family in tragic circumstances.

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1 review for Hymns and Barriers

  1. E.Wheeler

    5.0 out of 5 stars An era and its personalities captured perfectly and the dilemmas encountered along the way.
    Well developed main characters in both familiar and unfamiliar settings with whom I related. I was eager to know more about how their story unfolded and empathised with them in the difficult situation within which they found themselves. The author has perfectly captured the life and personalities of a Welsh valleys town of the era and this contrasts with the equally vividly portrayed narrative of life in post war Burma. A thoroughly enjoyable and thought provoking read.

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