Grave Tales from Wales


Grave Tales from Wales is a sequel to the popular Stories in Welsh Stone, by Geoff Brookes. Gravestones from across Wales provide a remarkable window into the past.

ISBN: 978-1-8384289-2-1

192 pages. Full colour photos.


Inside you will find thirty stories, originally published in Welsh Country Magazine over a number of years. Each section tells the story beneath a Welsh gravestone.
The gravestones have been carefully selected, with no more than one for each location, which ensures a spread across the whole of the Principality. The stories are arranged alphabetically by location. So the book begins with a terrible double murder in Bassaleg and ends in Wrexham, with the story of Elihu Yale, after whom the American university is named. In between there are stories of shocking murders, tragic accidents and amazing achievements.

More info about this and other books can be found on Geoff Brookes’ website – HERE

Enjoy the following extract on YouTube read by Geoff Brookes



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