Doom of Stars


In this fourth SciFi blockbuster from Martyn Rhys Vaughan, Doom of Stars” opens in a stricken landscape with humans reduced to surviving on the edge of existence. Everyone believes that the world is ending—and they’re right!

An exciting, enjoyable and topical tale of climate change dystopia, attractive characters and underpinned by scientific knowledge.
ISBN: 978-1-8382805-6-7

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2 reviews for Doom of Stars

  1. The Prairies Book Reviews

    The fully realized characters, fast-paced narrative, and imaginative SF elements keep the pages flying. Vaughan’s intelligent prose transforms the familiar dystopian setup into a twisty, unsettling roller coaster full of intrigue and apprehension. This is a page-turner.

  2. BookView Reviews

    Meticulously crafted, fast-paced, and richly imaginative, the novel makes for a necessary read for both lovers of YA and adult dystopian fiction.

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