Doom of Stars


In this fourth SciFi blockbuster from Martyn Rhys Vaughan, Doom of Stars” opens in a stricken landscape with humans reduced to surviving on the edge of existence. Everyone believes that the world is ending—and they’re right!

An exciting, enjoyable and topical tale of climate change dystopia, attractive characters and underpinned by scientific knowledge.
ISBN: 978-1-8382805-6-7

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9 reviews for Doom of Stars

  1. The Prairies Book Reviews

    The fully realized characters, fast-paced narrative, and imaginative SF elements keep the pages flying. Vaughan’s intelligent prose transforms the familiar dystopian setup into a twisty, unsettling roller coaster full of intrigue and apprehension. This is a page-turner.

  2. BookView Reviews

    Meticulously crafted, fast-paced, and richly imaginative, the novel makes for a necessary read for both lovers of YA and adult dystopian fiction.

  3. Chelsea Hauth-Reedsy Discovery

    Fabulously written end-of-the-world tale of survival, with
    brilliant female characters leading the story.

  4. Jessica_bookreviews

    ‘Greetings! Dear readers. I recently came across this marvellous science fiction by Martyn Rhys Vaughan, and I must say that this is really fantastic in every way. The storyline is just so gripping and the plot is perfectly created.Turn the pages to witness the dystopian situation, an era of great apocalypse.’

  5. Jon Gower for Nation.Cymru

    It’s a hoary old chestnut to suggest that writers create their own worlds but in the case of Martyn Rhys Vaughan that is certainly the case and then some. He is an intrepidly bold adventurer in the realms of speculative fiction, who can take the reader along with him to extraordinary places, offering glimpses of a what-might-be future of ruined metropolises and a climate out of kilter and of an earth doomed to hear the sounds of humanity’s sand-timer running swiftly out of so much as a grain of hope.

  6. John Derek

    So, it is a matter of sifting through the mediocre and drab to find something slightly different. And this is one of those books.
    This book has a twist because not only is it post-apocalyptic, but it is on the verge of the complete cataclysmic end of the human race. Entering the already dystopian future the author paints, you have to admire the skill in which he immediately draws the reader into the narrative. 4 out of 5 Stars. Net Galley reviewer.

  7. The Book Commentary

    While Doom of Stars is futuristic, it echoes some of the unsettling realities that humanity faces and makes for the most relevant read for contemporary readers. Themes of science, climate change, love, sexuality, and extreme, inclement weather are deftly developed. The author succeeds to force readers to reflect on the fate of the Earth faced with an environmental crisis. Read full review

  8. Kay McLeer – Net Galley reviewer

    I loved reading ‘Doom of Stars’ by Martyn Rhys Vaughan. He writes great scifi novels. This book was so well done with great characters.

  9. Beatrix Starling – NetGalley Reviewer

    A fantastic new sci-fi book with great characters and amazing world building. Fast enough paced to keep the reader engaged, and to be honest I would love to read more of this sort of story.

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