Devouring Darkness


A collection of shorter stories by prolific science fiction author Martyn Rhys Vaughan. Author of Quantum Exile, The Cave of Shadows, Hideous Night and Doom of Stars.

ISBN: 978-1-8384289-5-2

246 pages

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Is the future as this sinister collection of short stories by master science fiction author Martyn Rhys Vaughan will have you believe?

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Stories include:

A Room with a View. Norton has rebelled against the Leader. But why is he terrified of being in a room with a window?

The Unspeakable Ones. The alien race of the Gorathner conquered Earth in forty eight hours, enslaving most of the population.

Cycle of Thanatos. The men and women of the undersea base are interested only in finding new sources of food for the planet’s starving billions.

We are such stuff. What if you regularly had a dream of an unknown place, and each time you slept yopu found yourself more and more immersed in that dream world?


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