Chaos in the Cosmos


‘Chaos in the Cosmos,’ is a fantasy narrative for children aged between 8 to 12 years by Irene Edwards the author of  Magic Islands.

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ISBN 978-1-8380752-1-7

274 Pages

6 x 9″ Paperback with illustrations by Tony Paultyn

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The story illustrates the way nature can hit out when not heeded or respected, and it shows the impact climate change can have on our planet in extreme temperatures.

It sets the scene for young readers to learn and understand the effects of a warmer chaotic world, and aims at promoting such concepts through storytelling and adventure, thus exposing some of the global issues surrounding planetary warming, as narrated and visualized through the eyes of magic and fantasy.

Written with much lyrical fun in mind for children, there is, of course, some serious underlying elements… those of fostering climatic awareness, and the realisation our planet is very precious to us all.

There are obvious links to the first book in the series Magic Islands’, and in this second book we meet again many of our familiar characters.

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