Bat Valley


This the second of Bob Gurney’s collections of humorous short stories set in Africa.

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Robert Gurney has written this follow up book to ‘Absurd Tales from Africa’ of amusing stories based on his experiences in Africa.

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Some Reviews

Annie Davison (UK) on Robert’s Absurd Tales from Africa (2017): “The beauty of these tales lies in the wonderful pictures created in my imagination. The humour arises when life goes wrong for people in serious situations, a bit like John Cleese in the immensely watchable Fawlty Towers.”

Colin Townsend (Canada) on A Night in Buganda (2014): “An extraordinary book – unlike any other I have read … stories brought together with a poet’s flair for language … they will have you laughing, crying or perhaps just wondering.”

Niall Herriot (Ireland) on A Night in Buganda: “It’s a brilliant piece of writing.”

On Absurd Tales from Africa: “I enjoyed Absurd Tales, not only for the zany humour and the wildly imaginative scenarios but also how the characters and settings for the stories reminded me so vividly of those times.”


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