Absurd Tales from Africa


Robert Gurney explores the grotesque and absurd stories from his time as an aid worker in Africa.

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In his book A Night in Buganda, Tales from Post-Colonial Africa (2014), consisting of one hundred and forty-four tales, Bob Gurney struggled to make sense of the years he spent in Uganda in the nineteen-sixties. Democracy in that newly independent country was moving inexorably towards dictatorship. You could feel it happening. He and his fellow aid workers were told they were doing a good job but doubts assailed him. Things were falling apart. Was the effort invested about to be wasted?
Writing the first book helped him to put some of the pieces of the jigsaw puzzle together. In this book, Absurd Tales from Africa, he makes no such attempt to go any further. He explores gleefully the genres of the grotesque and the absurd. The reader is invited to go with the surreal flow and, perhaps, to enjoy the humour.

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