Prince Hal and his friend Jack Falstaff

A compelling story excellently narrated with vivacious and accessible language, splendid illustrations and brilliant music. An enjoyment in itself and a pathway to Shakespeare’s wonderful play, Henry IV Part One.

Prince Hal

A real treat” Sir Richard Eyre

A Shakespeare story retold with music (2 CDs) by Alan Oberman and illustrated by Robin Carter.

Prince Hal’s best friend is Jack Falstaff.
He’s fun but dangerous, like fireworks at a party.
They’re always together, drinking in a London pub.
But when an army marches against Hal’s father, King Henry, they have to go to war.
Will Prince Hal turn out to be a brave and true son to the king?
Will Jack Falstaff prove to be a good friend?

“Frightening in some parts and the story is very complex and very, very exciting.
I want to know what is coming next and the story is very descriptive and I would support the book any day of the week. Out of 10, I give a 10.”
Terry Morris (class 7c Llandrindod High School)

“I found that the tone, vocabulary and sentence construction were very well suited to Key Stage 3 students, providing an ideal introduction to Shakespeare’s tale to younger readers.”
Nick Passmore, English Teacher.

ISBN : 978-0-9576791-9-1


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The Notes for Teachers contain many classroom activities including: English – discussion points and prompts for writing, Drama – acting out scenes from the story, History – topics for discussion and further research, Music – listening and composition, Art – using the illustrations as a model,  Dance – simple folk dance to the music of Hal’s jig.

Download the TEACHER NOTES here