The man who wouldn’t fly

Phil Humphries suffered for years with a severe debilitating affliction or phobia – aviophobia, the fear of flying. This is shared apparently by millions of people worldwide.

The book begins by briefly following his career as a rugby player in Wales with the ambition of becoming a successful rugby coach. Confronting a phobia of flying would help to enrich his experiences, expand his horizons and improve his prospects of achieving this goal.

Phil tells how he first overcame his fear of flying when he took up a coaching post with Malmo RFC in Sweden. This first massive step convinced him that he could now travel by air. Flying gradually grew into an addiction even an obsession.

Not content with flying to one destination, he was compelled to fly onwards to other places, sometimes remaining for only hours and minutes. In addition to cities in different continents of the world, he eventually visited every European country. This is the story of his travels by air in the hope that other sufferers will benefit from or be entertained by his experiences.

ISBN: 978-0-9932299-2-3

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