Some Sunny Day

Some Sunny Day is the second in the Lavender Road series of six novels by best selling author Helen Carey.

It is 1940, a year into the Second World War and the women of Lavender Rd have their own battles to fight.
Katy Parsons enrols as a nurse, but finds the rigours of hospital life even more challenging than her secret love for an unobtainable man. Away on an ENSA tour, actress Jen Carter finds herself unexpectedly homesick, while her mother, Joyce, prefers to face the burning streets than suffer her husband’s violence at home.
Some Sunny Day vividly depicts the courage, the grit, the emotion and the defiant laughter of war-torn London, when, as friends and neighbours, men and women, rich and poor, the inhabitants of Lavender Road live through the terror of the London Blitz.

Note: This edition can be purchased from only in paperback.