Poems, Parkinson’s, the Police and Me

My poetry writing by Hywel Griffiths

I make no secret of the fact that I first started to write my poems in response to people coming into the office everyday complaining about trivialities. Rather than shouting “Get a Life” – I thought that my poetry might encourage them to see life from a different perspective.

It has done that and more, and I find that the main aim in my writing (or typing as Parkinson’s has made my writing illegible!) has been to give hope to anyone newly diagnosed with the terrible burden of Parkinson’s Disease– that, (as is shown by the fact that I am still working full time 15 years after diagnosis) there is hope for a future that they felt had been snatched away from them.

I hope that these poems illustrate what can be achieved simply through a positive outlook on life, and my favourite phrase- “Be the Best One Can Be.” I hope what these poems convey is my zest and love for life. It’s not always easy, and I feel thankful and privileged to be able to do a job that I love so much.


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