Mhari Matheson

Mhari Matheson has written two terrific saga novels. The third volume in the trilogy is due to be published in 2020.

The Tinker Girl’, begins in the Scottish Highlands in 1899 and ends in the run-up to the Great War. The sequel ‘The Flame Haired Woman continues from this into the war years and into the Thirties. The books follow the journey of a self-reliant, spirited orphan girl growing to womanhood, weathering highs and lows in her search for security and a family of her own. Intelligent, determined and focused, she attracts, upsets, and succeeds. She fights industrial and rural poverty, shares the lot of women with their struggle for employment and confronts the rigid social conventions of the era.

Born and raised in the Scottish Highlands, Mhari Matheson taught English and coached athletics in Scotland, England and Africa. She married and changed careers, running tourist lodges both in Zambia and Malawi. On return to the U.K., she continued training staff in hotels before going back to teaching. Moving to Wales she ran a smallholding for a period and then set up a business running craft and coffee shops.

She has been, from an early age, an oral storyteller, something of a tradition in her Highland background. Throughout her teaching career and beyond she developed this ability and wrote stories for performance. Now she has adapted these skills to writing novels.

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