Re-inventing Leadership

In the battle against management, Dr Paul Thomas is a man on a mission!

As seen in the BBC TV & Radio documentary ‘Ban the Boss’ documentary series.

A mission to support forward-thinking, progressive and ‘human’ business organisations by helping them to get rid of the plague of unnecessary middle management that he believes is stifling our working lives and our economy. But he doesn’t just see this as a local issue, but a global pandemic that is holding back the true potential of both individuals and businesses worldwide.

Champion of “the art of creating a leadership environment in which elite performance reveals itself” – Dr Paul Thomas believes true democracy, freedom, creativity and trust need to be at the heart of every organisation for it to flourish, maximise efficiency and profits, and continue to exist in the 21st century and beyond. Only in this sort of environment will people excel and great leaders truly exist.

276 pages with colour pictures and original graphic illustrations by Romano Marenghi

ISBN: 978-0-9932299-4-7


Available in Print and eBook

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