Icon Rapture

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Previously published as The Legacy of Carpocrates.

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A thrilling hunt for Early Christian icons and artifacts of immeasurable value against a backdrop of the modern Age of Terrorism and European and American evangelical ‘rapture’ politics.

Carpocrates was an Alexandrian philosopher who lived in the first century (c.AD130-150). He founded, along with his son Epiphanes, a notoriously licentious Christian Hellenistic sect related to Gnosticism and died passing on a legacy of written scrolls, artifacts and secrets dating to the time of Jesus.

To achieve RAPTURE, Carpocrates recommended that one should know life in all its aspects. “When one
comes to understand Everything, and has gained experience of the All, only then can the spark break free and become a consuming fire that burns away the iron bars and stone walls of our imprisonment…a painful, and torturous experience, a self-inflicted sacrifice for Love and Freedom.”

Carpocrates, his son, followers and their ideologies were persecuted to virtual extinction by the Early Christian Church. However, echoes can still be found in the ideologies of the Cathars, the Knights Templar, the Heretics of Medieval Europe and even of St.Francis of Assisi. In the Christian mind, the basic
Doctrine of Carpocrates became the foundation and inspiration for Satanism, Gnosticism and the Occult. No serious historian can underestimate the influence these beliefs have had on the shaping of the religio-political landscape of modern Europe and the Evangelical movement in the USA.

The Legacy? What is it, where is it and who has it?
Through the centuries there have been rumours that the Carpocratians had ‘something’ of fabulous value which has been used as a guarantor of survival for their sect and its Templar and Cathar successors in times of intense and brutal persecution. It is the hunt for, discovery and apocalyptic impact of this Legacy from the time of Jesus that is the gripping and explosive story of this novel. It is rich in scholarly historical detail and speculation exploring the motivations that drive evangelical rapture belief in the Second Coming of Christ.

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