Poems, Parkinson’s, the Police and Hywel Griffiths

Our latest book of poetry contains upbeat poems by Hywel Griffiths, a serving police officer afflicted with Parkinson’s disease.

Hywel says…

I hope that these poems illustrate what can be achieved simply through a positive outlook on life, and my favourite phrase- “Be the Best One Can Be.” I hope what these poems convey is my zest and love for life. It’s not always easy, and I feel thankful and privileged to be able to do a job that I love so much.

We hope you enjoy his book and appreciate the extreme difficulties and hurdles that Hywel has had to endure in order to accomplish this.

Available from bookstores and Amazon

You can also order it direct from us for £6.99 + post & packaging

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Proceeds from the sale of this book will go to charities that help with Parkinson’s Disease – so if you want to help BUY THE BOOK!

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  1. Hywel has Poetry Book Published

    Our very own Force Poet has had a collection of his famous poems
    Published in a book available to buy here:
    Poems, Parkinson, The Police and Me
    Hywel’s success comes following the sale of a book of his poems in-force, and as a result of the unwavering support of his friends, family and colleagues.
    Hywel said: “Over 16years ago – at only 32 years of age, and whilst working as an operational dog handler with Gwent Police, I was told by a neurologist that I was suffering with Parkinson’s disease. This was devastating news and fearing the worst I couldn’t see what the future held in store for me; if indeed I had a future.
    “Luckily very soon after being diagnosed – I was offered the support of a Parkinson’s Nurse Specialist. She convinced me that having Parkinson’s didn’t mean the end, just a change of path through life’s journey.
    “With fantastic support from my young family, friends, medical support and my employers I set off on this journey, during the process of which I have obtained as BSc Degree from the Open University and successfully changed my career path to the intelligence side of policing where I can honestly claim that I have caught more criminals with my mouse than I ever would have with my dog!
    “The main aim in my writing (or should I say typing – Parkinson’s has made my writing illegible!) Has been to give hope to anyone newly diagnosed with the terrible burden of Parkinson’s disease. I am proof that there is future by the fact that I am still working full time 16 years after diagnosis.”

    The original and still one of my best
    (Living With Parkinson’s disease)
    If you wake up each morning feeling quite low or quite sad,
    I’d like you to think that life’s not quite that bad –
    Because the first thing I think of – the question that begs –
    Is whether my brain will talk to my legs?

    And if it appears that different languages they are talking,
    I know that for sure that I’ll have difficulty walking.
    But I never stop and wonder – ‘Why me?’
    I’ve just come to accept that’s the way things will be.

    So before you complain – just think how lucky you are,
    And how you take things for granted – like driving a car,
    Then instead of a frown wear a smile on your face –
    You’ll find that it might even brighten the place!

    Do this for yourself, for your friends far and near,
    For your family and everyone else you hold most dear.
    And if after all you still find that you really can’t cope,
    Then the thing to remember is that there is always some hope.

    For this hope allows us our troubles to share,
    And a positive attitude helps the people who care.

  2. I would just like to say thanks to Chris and all staff at Cambria Books not only for their superb service but also for their sensitivity and understanding of my condition,

  3. Hi Hywel,
    I am a Travel Agent and the lovely Stone family, Lucy, Graham, Martha and Iwan are some of my best customers. My husband has Parkinsons. Lucy told me all about you. We have both read your poems and they are fabulous. You are an inspiration.Keep up the good work and keep smiling. We will follow your work with a passion. Kindest regards, Sharon & David Richardson

    • Hi Sharon, Thanks ever so much for your e-mail – it’s responses like yours that make all of my efforts seem worthwhile. My third book will hopefully be published within the next couple of weeks, I’ll contact you when it’s out.
      Give my regards to Lucy and Graham – they are a lovely family,

      • Excellent – we will very much look forward to your third book.

        WE will keep smiling promise.

        Kindest regards,

        Sharon & David Richardson

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