Magic Underwear in the Situation Room? Mitt Romney’s ‘Weird’ Faith vs. GOP Sexism, Racism and Lies

If you do not define yourself and stand for something, others will define you… and very easily.

On the surface, Mitt Romney seems to be a Republican Presidential candidate right out of central casting. He’s tall, fit, handsome, has greying temples, deep voice and… a great personal narrative. In any other election he would be burying his opponent.

So… some simple questions:
• Why does Mitt run away from his own story as if it were a scarlet letter tinged with leprosy?
• Why does he, as a senior lay bishop leader in his church, embrace mendacity (nice word for lying) with such abandon?
• Why does he insist the electorate “trust him” when we’ve been here before when he had to backtrack and retroactively specifically fix what we in the media accused him of lying about?
• Why does he not release details about his financial dealings and taxes?
• Why is his history as CEO of Bain Capital off-limits?
• Why is his 2002 Winter Olympic record devoid of factual references to the taxpayer $1.3 billion dollar bailout needed to save those Games?
• After months on the trail saying he would voucherise Medicare and privatise Social Security, why does he disown his and his running mate’s plan?
• Why, after six years of running for President, is he still upside-down on likeability… and people just do not seem to like him?
• Why has no one else but professional poker players picked up on his fake laugh as his classic lying tell? When you hear it, like a poker player, discount what he says (bets).

He’s a self-made man who made huge amounts of money, gives generously to his church? In a normal candidacy these would be considered the pillars of the Republican’s vaunted ‘American Dream.’ But this ain’t your father’s Republican Party anymore.

Mitt Romney never, ever talks about his Mormon (Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints or LDS) faith in any detail. His wealth is hidden deeper than vaults in Fort Knox. His business acumen generates a few, very broad stroke stump speech statements. He is deeply secretive of all aspects of his life outside the public eye and insists we ‘trust him.’

He gets visibly flustered when the media tries to do their job and connect the dots between facts in evidence and what he says to be true. His ‘mendacity’ as we detailed in the last e-book has graduated to full-blown whopper lies and he does not seem to care. His chief surrogate (wife Ann) said in an NBC interview that his integrity is “golden.” Yet how do you square ‘golden’ integrity with 550+ lies uttered on the record, on camera and on the campaign trail since January? Forgive the pun, these astounding numbers do not lie.

It makes him look either manipulative, stupid or both.

And that’s before you look at voter suppression, the ongoing war on women and how will Christian evangelicals support a p[resident from something they determine to be a cult?

This is what we expose in this book, the fourth in the WTF Are They Doing? series.