DOC CHAOS: The Chernobyl Effect & The Last Laugh

Doc Chaos by David Thorpeor: O M N I M P O T E N C E, being the Autobiography of Doctor Unknown Chaos, a Record of some Notable Events in the years between 1950 and 1986 with Further Consequences.

by David Thorpe

Inside a nuclear reactor, no one can hear you scream – with pleasure.

“DOC CHAOS is one of the most exciting and refreshing pieces of graphic literature I’ve seen in a long time.” – Alan Moore.

Doc Chaos, the scientific prodigy who sold the promise of nuclear power to the most gullible, power-mad people in the world – politicians – did so not just because he likes seeing humanity “trip on its own banana skins” (Graeme Basset), but for a much darker, more erotic reason… to reach the ultimate climax.

This new edition of the ground-breaking novella by David Thorpe, author of the award-winning novel Hybrids, contains 12 illustrations by prominent stars of the comics art world:
Simon Bisley ~ Brian Bolland ~ Brett Ewins ~ Duncan Fegredo ~ Rian Hughes ~ Lin Jammett ~ Pete Mastin ~ Dave McKean ~ Savage Pencil ~ Ed Pinsent ~ Bryan Talbot.

It also contains a new short story, The Last Laugh, culminating the Doc Chaos narrative at the coming apocalypse, and a new Afterword by the Author, which sets the two pieces in their creative context.

DOC CHAOS takes the literary genealogy of doctors Frankenstein, Faustroll and Benway into the nuclear age and beyond. A love story, that makes Fifty Shades of Grey look like kindergarten games…

No one could be fully prepared for DOC CHAOS. This is a comedy of terrors.” – Don Watson, NME.

A hugely entertaining book, full of humour, satire, and an appealing, idiosyncratic perception of the way things are.” – Dale Luciano, the Comics Journal.

The creators of DOC CHAOS face up to the unbridled crap which is threatening our existence. DOC CHAOS hopes the forces of authority will slip on their own banana skins. Fast-moving and funny.” – Graeme Basset, Infinity.

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