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Titles in our childrens book list. Print paperback. Full colour.

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  • Fido the Fish

    A fun filled adventure for parents to read to the children, or children to read themselves....
  • The Lost Football

    The story of the lost football follows Ryan’s wish to join in with the game of football....
  • Gizmo Escapes by Kay Williams

    The new Adventures in the Pond book for children by Kay Williams....
  • Tiddles Caught In A Trap

    Follow the adventures of Fido, Gizmo, Tiddles, Jaws, Snapper and Bob. A fun filled adventure for parents to read to ...
  • Jaws gets Toothache

    Jaws gets Toothache

    Fourth book in the series of 'Adventures In The Pond' by Kay Williams....
  • Snapper And The Hiccups

    The Fifth book in a series for children’s aged 4-8 by Kay Williams, with illustrations by Danna Victoria....
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