Terry Breverton at the Llandeilo Lit Fest

Terry Breverton on Welsh Pirates and Privateers

Terry Breverton with a session on Welsh Pirates and Privateers – Saturday 28th of April 2018

After writing no less than eight books upon pirates, Breverton has returned to the subject with three new books devoted to the Welsh Pirates and Privateers.

Black Bart Roberts from Pembrokeshire was by far the most successful pirate in the Caribbean and Atlantic waters, and Admiral Henry Morgan was the greatest privateer of all time, leading six successful expeditions against the most powerful country in the world.
Breverton also launches “Welsh Pirates and Privateers” and “The True Confessions of the Smuggler, Murderer, Bigamist and Privateer William Owen*

More books by Terry Breverton published by Cambria Publishing.

Physicians of Myddfai HERE

Journal of Penrose HERE

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Terry Breverton yn cynnal sesiwn ar Forladron a Phreifatwyr Cymreig:

Ar ôl ysgrifennu dim llai nag wyth o lyfrau ar forladron a phreifatwyr, mae Breverton wedi dychwelyd i’r pwnc gyda thri llyfr newydd ar Forladron a Phreifatwyr Cymreig.

Barti Ddu Roberts o Sir Benfro oedd y morleidr mwyaf llwyddiannus o bell ffordd yn nyfroedd y Caribî a’r Iwerydd a’r Llyngesydd Henry Morgan oedd y preifatwr mwyaf erioed; arweiniodd chwe thaith yn erbyn y wlad fwyaf pwerus yn y byd. Bydd Breverton hefyd yn lansio “Welsh Pirates and Privateers” a “Confessions of the Smuggler William Owen.”

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Llandeilo Pre-Christmas Book Fair

Put 9th December in your diary to visit Llandeilo. We will be having a table at the Pre-Christmas book fair. Come by and meet us. Learn more about our talented writers and see (and buy!) their books.

We look forward to meeting you.

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Llandeilo Lit Fest

Cambria Publishing local authors Delphine Richards, Alan Oberman, Jonathan Morgan and Kay Williams will be meeting fans and signing books in the Horeb Chapel at the Llandeilo Lit Fest on Saturday at 5.00pm.

Delphine has written two popular novels featuring her ‘Welsh detective’ character Tegwyn Prydderch the latest of these is titled ‘The Truth about Eggs‘. This is a dark and gripping tale of murder and mayhem in a Welsh village.

Kay is a talented new children’s author who has written a series of illustrated books for young children titled ‘Adventures in the pond‘ featuring fun fish characters who get into all sorts of amusing and sometimes scary adventures.

More information about these and other authors and their books can be found on the Cambria Books website https://cambriabooks.co.uk

We are also sponsoring a reading by author Niall Griffiths from his novel Broken Ghost on the Sunday at 4.00pm


The Llandeilo Lit Fest website is here