Buying our books from Amazon

We are often asked if our books can be bought from Amazon. The answer is YES of course. We know that most people buy from Amazon and have always considered them as our major sales outlet particularly for eBooks of which they have over 80% of the market.

It sometimes takes a few days after the publication date before the print book is listed but almost immediately for the eBook version. It also takes a few sales before Amazon will stock the book for quick delivery – so although it will be listed, the delivery time may be a longer wait than normal or even be ‘out of stock’. However, in our experience, this delay is usually fixed and reduced pretty quickly.


Getting good reviews on Amazon is a vital part of marketing books and this can take time. It is also important to note that reviews can only be posted by people who have purchased a book from Amazon (ie. a confirmed purchase) Reviews cannot be posted by non-amazon customers or by us the publisher.

Our books can always be ordered from Amazon. See the sample below.
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