Business Networking for the Bewildered

Business Networking for the BewilderedWho this book is for?

This book is for anyone who wants or needs to learn how to build their business via networking.

It will save you time, effort and money.

If you are starting out in business and need to find prospects, leads and clients through word of mouth recommendations and referrals then this book is a superb resource to get you going effectively right from the start.

If you have been networking for a while but have seen little return for your efforts, this book will assist you in gaining a better understanding of the aims networking, identify and improve on your weak areas and help you generate more success.

If you are a well-established organisation that wishes to send employee teams out to networking events in order to build the business further, you would do well to ensure that they understand what is expected of them in order to achieve the objectives you set. This book will help them and it will help you.

It is sometimes difficult to promote an intangible service due to the fact that potential clients cannot see the “product” and may take more convincing to buy. Business networking, when done well, is a tremendous way to establish and promote your professional offering, build a solid network of referral contacts and boost your profits.

What this book is and is not about

This book is about face to face business networking.

It will give you all the knowledge you need to fully understand the aims and benefits of good business networking.

It will give you all the fundamental tools and techniques that you will need: to network successfully on an ad hoc basis, to network successfully at general business events, to select organised networking groups and events, to prepare for organised events, to be effective during the organised events and to purposefully follow-up after all of your networking activity.

It will also give you many hints, tips and strategies about networking best practice as well as what to avoid.

What this book is not about is online networking. It is not about getting prospects or connections via social media, e-mail, websites, blogs, etc… There are many excellent books available covering online marketing.

Whilst it is fair to say that many of the communication skills and techniques you will learn will be of huge use to you when dealing electronically with your contacts, this book does not aim to cover this area at all other than a mention about follow-up e-mails.

Personally, I prefer the old-fashioned “looking people in the eyes and shaking hands” style of communicating and networking. It is still the best way to get to know people well and for them to get to know you well.


Lis McDermott

This book is excellent for anyone new to business, and who is nervous about getting out there networking. Andrew takes you through the maze of different types of networking groups. He helps you to plan your strategies for what you want from the meetings; how to affectively use the time; how to follow-up meetings and how to track the effectiveness of the networking in terms of monitoring the performance and impact on your business. It is not a necessarily a book for the ‘seasoned’ networker, although if you’ve got a little blase about events, it could easily get you back on track.

Onion Custard

If you are new to networking for your business, then this is an excellent place to start. It will get you thinking about why you are doing it, to avoid wasting time. If you have been around networking for a while this book may not be for you, but if you are new to the game then you should definitely get it.

It’s written in a clear, direct, and conversational tone, free from jargon or over-complication. If you are bewildered by, or curious about, networking, then dipping into this book will help you to prepare yourself, and in the process save time, and money. As a relatively experienced networker I can see real benefit in reading the book before going out there to get business. I wish I’d had this before I started, it would have saved me a whole load of cash, and time wasted talking to the wrong people about the wrong thing.

Little Mango!

This book is a gem of information and makes perfect sense. Andy has a real talent when it comes to developing your elevator pitch and simplifying your communication.
His book navigates through numerous pitfalls which could be the difference between you winning business and not!
A few light bulb moments definitely surface when reading this book. Highly recommended.


I met Andrew at a seminar organised by my publisher (sounds awfully grand doesn’t it?). This is his first book and I know it will not be his last.

Let me say from the outset that any and every professional (dentists included) must be able and willing to network with the owners of other small businesses in order to promote their services. The days of sitting in your surgery in the presumption that people will just beat a path to your door are long gone. The current trend for marketing in the virtual world is all well and good (and important) but nothing, I repeat nothing, is a substitute for meeting people face-to-face.

However there are two things that bring dentists (and many other small business owners) out in hives, the first is “selling” and the second is Business Networking. Well there is no longer a reason to put off the latter because Andrew has written a really excellent guide. From the very first page the author keeps everything as simple as possible – but no simpler. He never patronises or talks down to the reader but takes you through the why, when and how of Business Networking which he defines as “being about building solid, quality relationships over time”. The only new thing is the number of ways in which we can communicate with each other.

In his introduction he explains for whom he has written the book, what the book is not about and why he has the right to tell the reader how to do things. His writing is precise and his messages easy to follow.

Thereafter every chapter is self explanatory as he goes on to explain exactly what Business Networking is in its full sense, why every small business needs to do it and where and with whom to network. He takes both the novice and the experienced networker through the importance of getting your mind-set and message right and of good preparation – don’t think you can just “wing it” as you won’t get anywhere at all. Frequently business networking events are held at breakfast time – don’t look as if you have just rolled out of bed it doesn’t impress prospective patients. Please don’t forget your business cards!

The second half of the book deals with being effective during networking events and employing the correct and appropriate follow up systems. Finally there are tips on techniques for performance monitoring, improving your speaking and enhancing your memory.

I truly wish I had read this book when I attended BNI, FSB, Business Link and Chamber of Commerce events all those years ago instead of making mistake after mistake. Even the most venerable of room workers will gain something from Andrew’s book.

Phil D

I love the way this book is written in a clear, easy to read style. A great help in taking away the perceived complication about day to day networking. Anyone serious about wanting to improve their networking skills should read it!

Michael Brewis

This book is perfect for those who wish a common-sense approach to networking. In a world that is full of buzz-words and unnecessary jargon, Andrews book is the perfect antidote. He gives sound and practical advice that is easy to follow and will certainly make a difference. If you want to increase your network with confidence this is the book for you.

Ms. Ec Doig “LizD” (Scotland)

Any business owner needs to network. And having avoided it for far too long, I downloaded this book as a way to get started.
It’s a very clear and pragmatic take on networking, explaining the etiquette of networking events and giving clear checklists that take you through:
* How to describe what you do
* How to choose your events wisely
* How to treat any occasion as a networking opportunity
Andrew Pope’s encouraging tone will make you want to get out there and do it. Great book – thoroughly recommend it.

Linda Narbeth

This book is a must for anyone that feels they are not quite getting the networking arena right. It has so many great hints and tips that I fail to see how anyone taking on the networking sense wouldnt benefit from. It is written very clearly and is something that could definitely be used over and over again to remind you of the best approach to take when business networking. Well worth a read! Looking forward to Andrew’s next business book.

Ruth Tar

This book might not change my life but it clearly highlights and explains all the appropriate steps to improve my networking skills. I like the no-nonsense plain speaking writing style. Well structured, easy to understand and clear advice on the do’s and don’ts. All together well worth a second read and I will be applying lots of the tips in practice.

Tessa Perry

I’m really enjoying this, it’s such a good book and with so much valuable and sensible advice. It’s very clearly written so easy to follow and absorb without being patronising, just wish I’d had it 10 years ago. Maybe my freelance career would have been even better?