Solving the Grim Equation by Pat Dodd Racher

Solving the Grim Equation is the important new ‘CLIMATE CHANGE’ book from Pat Dodd Racher NOW PUBLISHED.

Solving the Grim Equation considers how globalisation increases corporate power and marginalises communities, how fossil fuel use accelerates climate change, and why material standards of living will have to decline in all countries where populations use more than their fair share of natural resources.

Solving the Grim Equation continues the story begun in Empty Plates Tomorrow? which was published in 2007. The more we consume now, the less will be available to future generations, because continuous population growth and economic expansion on a finite planet are impossible. The dangerous consequences of the Fossil Fuel Age are apparent all over the planet and in the atmosphere above it.

The future of ‘less’ will be different but need not be the appalling dystopia which some predict. There are hopeful, if small, initiatives all around the world, and examples from Wales feature in this book.

The debt-laden global financial system is a colossal barrier because repayments of debt interest and capital require economic growth. The alternative is a depression in which populations are impoverished, unless governments agree debt cancellations with each other and plan for progressive reductions in energy use. Governments with the welfare of their populations at heart will also have to control the global banking industry, which contributes in no small way to the staggering wealth inequalities on this small planet.

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Cover Design by David Thorpe

ISBN: 978-0-9930862-9-8

The Border Reiver

A dark dystopia from Nick Christofides

The Border Reiver by Nick Christofides is now published and available in print, eBook and direct from us.

The lead character is Nat Bell a farmer, a family man and an uncompromising hunter. Wronged irrevocably, he is consumed by a need for vengeance. Embroiled in the dystopic chaotic world of the break up of the British Union.

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The Vandervelde Documents by Richard Turner

The exciting #dystopian trilogy by Richard Turner is now published and available in print and eBook.

What sort of world are we leaving them?
IN A SERIES OF INTERLOCKING STORIES and documents covering 100 years and three generations, these books attempt to answer the question “What sort of world are we leaving to our descendants?”
VANDERVELDE HIMSELF IS AGELESS, a charismatic ‘Sapient’ who can cut through political hypocrisy but finds love difficult.
Mollie, academic high flyer and a true polymath, is his right hand woman. Amy, an aviation entrepreneur falls for Van, but will she “begin with an older man and end up with a toyboy”?
Twm, a self-taught engineer invents a new transport system. Together they change the world, but ‘The Warden’ is watching, and other Sapients have different ideas. The series begins with an end – a world in 2120 of around 1.5 billion people who know that they must live, “as all life on earth must live, only on what the earth can provide”.
It is a world in which Homo Sapiens has at last learned some sapience.

Print ISBN: 978-0-9930862-0-5 | Paperback 496 pages | £14.50

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Vandervelde Documents

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Dylan's Gower

Dylan’s Gower by Robert Gurney

Poetry of Dylan Thomas’s life: idealism, turbulence, the absurd.
In this tribute to Dylan Thomas , his life on the Gower pensinsula is imagined poetically in the movement of a wave, the build up, the swell, the rise, the disintegration, the spindrift, the crashing down. Then the relief, the calm before the next wave begins to form.
Poems that start with poetic intensity, move towards those that have a painful or nightmarish quality and end with poems that have a lighter touch

Published in Print and eBook form. Available in bookstores, Amazon and Direct.

ISBN: 978-0-9930862-2-9

eBook ISBN: 978-0-9930862-3-6

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