Joy Ogeh-Hutfield, Motivating your Team

AJoy Ogeh-Hutfield must read for businesses and organisations of all types, ‘The Secrets to Motivating Your Team’ is a practical, empowering, no-nonsense guide that explores exactly why teams are often demotivated. The book delves deeper into the subsequent cost of demotivation and delivers a host of practical and easy to implement tools and techniques to get (and keep) your team highly motivated.

About Joy Ogeh-Hutfield

Trained by renowned international coach Anthony Robbins, it’s safe to say that Joy Ogeh-Hutfield, founder of Joy Transformation, has learned from the very best. But it is Joy’s own unique, positive and powerfully impactive coaching style that has seen her influence the scores of individuals and businesses that have called on her over the years, and produce outstanding results in the process.


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New publications from Cambria Books

We are pleased to announce the publication of two excellent new non-fiction books.

Lucky Strike‘ by Argentine writer Pablo Bohoslavsky about his terrible  experiences as a political dissident prisoner in the infamous Patagonian jail Rawson.

The Vengeful Queen‘ by Deryk Cundy explores the history and background to the battles between Queen Boudica of the Brythons and Julius Caesar’s Romans. In full colour with many maps and illustrations.

These books are distributed worldwide by Ingram and Bertram and are also available DIRECT from us (click on the image).

The Vengeful QueenLucky Strike

The Vengeful Queen by Deryk Cundy

The origins of this book are based on the many attempts to determine the location of the last battle fought by Boudica against the Romans – a mystery that has fascinated historians over the centuries. As a result of recent archaeological discoveries, the application of new sciences, mapping techniques and the access to information afforded by the Internet, new ideas have surfaced.

Through Deryk Cundy’s research it has become obvious that the history of the Britain of 2,000 years ago directly reflects ongoing conflicts, and that the events leading to the battle are as relevant today as they were then.

Imperialism, tribalism, gaps in technology, clashing cultures, trade, greed, globalisation, politics, religion, broken promises, rebellion, battles, treason, slavery – here is life and death on a grand scale.

To understand the background of this story, THE VENGEFUL QUEEN begins with the writings of Julius Caesar who recorded the early history of the Brythons during his incursions, and continues using information garnered from many sources, until the final battle of Boudica is revealed: a period of just over a hundred tempestuous years.

Some of the interpretations of this information will be regarded as contentious – indeed a challenge to conventional and established thinking.

THE VENGEFUL QUEEN casts light on the dark shadows where myth and reality collide….

Over 400 pages with colour photographs and illustrations.

ISBN: 978-0-9930862-7-4

Cover illustration by Henry Jones-Davies


A Lucky Strike – stories from Argentina’s toughest jail.

Lucky StrikeOUT SOON!


RAWSON: the name of the infamous Patagonian prison in the town originally called, in Welsh, Trerawson, Rawson Town.  What was it like to be in Argentina’s toughest jail during the years of the ‘Dirty War’, between 1976 and 1983?

Pablo Bohoslavsky describes the experience, his own experience and that of others, brilliantly in this book.  Jailers and prisoners felt “proud”, it seems, to be at this maximum security prison.

With nothing to read for three years, inmates were denied family visits. There was no radio or TV. Censorship was absolute. There was no shortage of nocturnal transfers during which some prisoners were shot by application of  the “ley de fuga”, the infamous Flight or Escape Law.

Bohoslavsky takes you into the nightmare world into which many were plunged.

Translated from the original Spanish by: Pascual José Masullo

Edited by: Dr Robert Gurney
Cover design by: William Gurney

ISBN: 978-0-9932299-0-9