Snapper gets Hiccups by Kay Williams

Fifth book in the series of Adventures In The Pond
It is a lovely day and all the fish are enjoying themselves.
Amelia was up the garden looking after her fish.
Something made Snapper laugh so much, he got the hiccups.
Can one of the fish come up with an idea how to cure Snapper?
Follow the adventures of Fido, Gizmo, Tiddles, Jaws, Snapper and Bob.
A fun filled adventure for parents to read to the children, or children to read themselves.
The Fifth book in a series for children’s aged 4-8 by Kay Williams, with illustrations by Danna Victoria.


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The Welsh Warrior through the Ages

By Jonathan Morgan.

Illustrated by Robert Macdonald RWSW (President), MA (RCA), Diop.LCSAD.

Foreward by Lord Ashcroft KCMG PC

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It is probably a fact of history that, when a small country stands as an adjunct of a big, powerful country, the collective unconscious or psyche of that small country probably has the characteristics of an inferiority complex.  In terms of the Welsh, the defeat and demise of both Prince Llewelyn and Owain Glyndwr have probably given them the role of victim or glory in defeat.

Regarding military prowess, it has been perceived that the Celts have sometimes been used as cannon fodder, coming from small impoverished countries while the British Army is run primarily by the English establishment who have wound up the Celts to prove themselves in battle.  Hence the huge proliferation of gallantry awards acquired by the Celts.

The Welsh Warrior Through The Ages is both an inspirational title and a long-overdue book. Lord Ashcroft KCMG PC

The Welsh are said to have been England’s earliest ally because Welsh archers fought with Edward 1 against the Scots. Over the centuries, during times of war and conflict, the nation’s servicemen have played vital roles in the Army, the Royal Navy and the RAF, never more so that during the two world wars.

The Welsh Warrior Through The Ages is a labour of love that will be enjoyed and cherished for many decades to come.

Available as paperback or eBook from Amazon, bookshops and direct.

ISBN: 978-0-9955317-2-7


Tony Hill Book Launch

We attended the launch of Tony Hill’s new book ‘Hill’s Ups and Downs at the Castle Hotel in Brecon.

It was an entertaining event with some excellent music provided by Tony and his friends.

This brilliant and entertaining book is now available from us DIRECT in print (£12.99+ p&p £3) or eBook (£3.99)

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Some pictures from the event – click for a larger image.