Delphine Richards

Blessed are the Cracked in print

Delphine RichardsBlessed are the Cracked by Delphine Richards is now available in print.

This interconnected collection of five novellas and two short stories from the casebook of retired local policeman Tegwyn Prydderch, is set in the fictional West Wales farming community of Llanefa. Delphine Richards’s dark tone dealing with traumatic issues of life and crime paints a shockingly different picture of life in rural West Wales.

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Two new Business Books

For those of you that are in business and would like to learn from the experiences of others, we are publishing two new ‘small business’ books. Both these will be available in Print and eBook and will be valuable resources for the small business person and entrepreneur.

Live your LifeLive your life

by Laurence Winmill

A Guide to Personal and Business Success

This book is an education manual, a collection of stories and references. It quotes the works of others who have inspired the author; it features the opportunities and challenges of life and it encapsulates Laurence’s views and anecdotes which have inspired him personally over the years.

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and coming soon …

Business Networking for the Bewildered

by Andy Pope

Achieve business networking success right from the start and save yourself time, effort and money.

Author Terry Breverton launches two new books

Terry Breverton is the author of over forty books. He has just released two new books of Welsh history at the new community centre of the famous historical village of Myddfai in the Brecon Beacons.

The Kindle version of The Physicians of Myddfai is also available for download. For more information on the print books, click here.

Myddfai Community Hall in the Brecon Beacons, West Wales

Billionaire Boys Election Freak Show

Billionaire BoysOUT SOON!

A handful of billionaires supporting the US Republican/GOP/Tea Party, spent hundreds of millions of Super PAC dollars to buy attack adverts against President Barack Obama.

Demographics though show Romney getting 0% of the African American vote, losing Hispanics by 60 points and women by 30 points. Only rich, white men support Mitt Romney n an election he should win. Christian evangelicals, crucial to the GOP in every election, do not support Romney, they simply hate President Obama.

As Democrats learned in 2004, hatred of George W. Bush was not enough to win. You also have to love your candidate. This Right Wing freak show of a social issues ideological presidential election has been as distasteful as it is ‘car-crash theatre’ fascinating.

In this book, Denis G. Campbell traces the 2012 election campaign’s trail from the February primaries through to the August conventions. You will see how conventional political wisdom was turned completely on its ear the 2012 election.

Denis G. Campbell is editor of UK Progressive and the author of five books on politics and the Middle East. A frequent commentator for the BBC, itv, and others, his World Views with Denis Campbell segment broadcasts each Thursday on the syndicated David Pakman Show.